Workshop Music Galway provides quality music workshops in community and education settings, working with all ages and abilities and from an ethos of participation and inclusion

It is the aim of Workshop Music Galway to create an inclusive atmosphere of music making. Believing everyone has the ability to make music we facilitate our workshops using a participant driven, process led approach, providing opportunities for people of all ages to creatively express themselves and workwith others through playing music.

Our role as facilitators is to allow space for participants to draw on and develop their own resources, skills and talents. We create a supportive, safe and fun environment in which participants can develop self-confidence, self-esteem and new skills.

The numerous benefits of playing music with other people are well researched and proven positive but don’t just take the experts word for it…experience for yourself the transformative power of making music in a group setting.

Workshop Music Galway is a fully mobile service…We come to you!

All our workshops are tailor made for your group, their abilities and your budget.


Why Community Music?

  • Music is accessible to all ages and abilities.
  • Music is a universal language.
  • Making music in a group contributes to positive mental health and increased well being.
  • Music is about connection and communication.
  • Playing music stimulates your brain and improves motor skills, hearing and memory.
  • Making music together is a social and fun activity and strengthens bonds within groups and communities.